All Parts Centre is one of the largest breaker yards for car part buyers to find what they are looking for.

We offer the lowest prices on quality parts ,used engines and provide great service, and we deliver right to your doorstep.

All Parts Centre sells parts and rebuilt cars. Our unique business model is designed to fill the gap in auto parts buying and selling platforms and provide a quick and easy way to source and buy new or used parts. We supply panel-beaters, workshops and the general public.

When an accident damaged car is received into our yard, we follow a process called Stripping or Dismantling.  The car is taken in and is stripped to its shell and every part is taken out carefully, then cleaned and tested, and ready to be used as a good quality used part. An used part is the original part that you would be looking for at an agent but at All Parts Centre, you are getting the same original part at an affordable price.



All Parts Centre is a RMI certified scrapyard.
Used parts or Second hand car parts or spares basically originates from an accident damaged vehicle that has been written off or from auctions as non-runners or stolen recovered vehicles.

Contact us now to find the best price on any vehicle make and model you need.